Sticking with “V”

Today was a “practice” scavenge in Vancouver, a great way to try to get us newbies on the same playing field as the more experienced teams. We covered Vancouver on foot, by bus (didn’t have the fare and when my credit card didn’t work the driver let us ride for free – hooray, kind bus driver!), aquabus, train, ferry, and tandem. Yep, Vi and I braved the 46 degree, cold rain to ride a tandem seven miles through a park just to get practice points. Having been with me for so long, Vi is accustomed to the saying “no pain, no gain,”. She does frequently ask when the gain part comes in.

Of all the sites we saw, Vi was most keen on taking a photo of me in this alleyway. There were some really twitchy junkies just outside the frame to make me feel like I’m back in San Francisco.

For those of you headed to Vancouver, you might want to spend oodles of dough on funky shoes at John Fluevog. If Steve Madden and Doc Marten had a son, it would be John. We aren’t shoe shoppers, but one of the challenges was to discover the story behind their most expensive shoe. Happy to know Tina Turner has a home outside of Mad Max movies.

Our indigestion challenge was to eat a Japadog – a Japanese style hot dog complete with dried seaweed, onions, and teriyaki sauce. Let’s just say that by the time we get to the airport it will have likely been exported.

Last but not least, we are leaving in four hours for Vietnam! Vi and I have never been, so this will be exciting as my only knowledge of the country comes from Rambo: First Blood Part II. That probably gives us an unfair advantage.

More to come!

And please don’t suggest or give tips to our already extensive knowledge of Vietnam. I’ve got a red bandana and a black tank top, what more could I need?


3 thoughts on “Sticking with “V”

  1. You’ll need a few phrases to go with the wife beater and bandana. Try: không quái với tôi! Tôi không phải là một du khách.
    You are welcome!


  2. You guys are covering the entire Rambo oeuvre. First Vietnam (Rambo: First Blood Part II), then Myanmar (Rambo… aka, Rambo IV). Unfortunately you’d have to visit Afghanistan for Rambo III. But, lucky for you the first movie took place in Washington state… way less war-torn. There’s a fifth in the works (entitled Rambo V: Last Blood — very clever)… which supposedly takes place in Mexico. Odds are pretty good you might check that one off. So there’s that. Which is nice. Also, I’m behind on your posts, but catching up. Enjoying the read. Best of luck in the remainder of your adventure.


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